From December 3 to 14

A new solidarity campagnain in Portugal to colect food for the most needy people in our community.

Campaña solidaria en Portugal


From April  23 to May 11

Solidarity campaign In Portugal to collect clothes for the neediest families of the school. It is worth highlighting the involvement of families, teaching staff and students in this wonderful campaign

Portugal solidaridad

From May 1 to 31

The second year students of the Santa Cruz school have been working for a while on their own collaborative project with UNHCR. The Art teacher Paz Mata, who is also their tutor, proposed to make pieces with clothes pegs. By clicking on the link you can visit the Website that was created to show the world these small “pieces of art”. If you are interested in acquiring any of these handmade products you can do so by leaving a comment on the “Contact” tab. Pay the amount you consider appropriate for this work made with love and generosity and it will be yours. If you do not want to acquire anything, but you have read our modest cause and want to make a selfless donation, you can also contact us. All the funds raised will be donated to the project EMERGENCY SIRIA, managed by UNHCR.

Thanks for your help and for spreading this message.



January 2018

From Santa Cruz School we are supporting a food collection solidarity campaign for the Saharahuis Refugees’ Campsites in Tindouf with AHUIM (Asociación Humanitaria Internacional de Mislata, a local NGO). Our centre has been collaborating with surrounding organizations, and enrolling the students in our school in them.  We would be very grateful if the entire educational community participated in this initiative.


ahuim cole


December 2017

During this Christmas period, different food collection campaigns have been carried out with great success in the schools of Madeira and Sicily.  Meanwhile in Valencia, the school Santa Cruz has promoted a social campaign to collect shoes and clothes for disadvantaged people.




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