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On 4th of June, in the presence of the Secretary of Education, Jorge Carvalho, from Madeira Island, and the media, our students presented the activities (carried out along this school year) to the entire Educational Community in connection with the various Erasmus+ KA2 projects .


All students and teachers involved in the “Put YourSelf in MyShoes” project  presented its objectives and the social issues activities organized. The students who participated in the first mobility shared their experiences in Sicily.

After gathering the articles from the solidarity campaign entitled “Recolha de Roupa”, it was organized a solidarity space/room to deliver clothes, shoes and other gathered items to the most needed students and families of our school.

This campaign was a success and we were invited to collaborate with the “Venexos”(Aid Association to Venezuelan Immigrants in Madeira Island)

We intend to carry on this project next school year.


In the context of the European Day, May 9, the coordinator of the Erasmus + Project “Put yourself in my shoes”,from  the School Ângelo Augusto da Silva, as well as the students who participated in the mobility program that took place in Sicily, were invited to participate in the radio broadcast, “Antena 1, Time 10.”
The main purpose of this activity was to report the experiences of the participation in the project, since the program Erasmus +  is considered  one of the most successful initiatives in the  European Union.
The project has been disseminated through the web pages of all the participating Institutes to make it known to the entire educational community.
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