Between the 16th and the 22nd April took place the first mobility and, therefore, the first meeting of the Erasmus students in Lentini (Sicily).

We all landed at the Catania airport on Monday night and were greeted by Italian families and students with the great excitement and expectation.

On Tuesday we went to the Istituto Superiore Vittorini Lentini where we had a day full of activities, all of them held in the auditorium.

First of all, we received a warm welcome by the Director of the school Mr. Vinzenzo Pappalardo.

Then, Mr. Besnik Harizaj a very famous potter gave a speech about how he emigrated from Albania where he worked as a teacher in search of his dreams and a better future.


After the break the students presented their colleges. A good opportunity to practice English. Each of them dressed in his project shirt: red for the Spaniards, green for the Italians and blue for the Italians.

Talk by Mrs. Gaia Barresi, Director of the SPRAR center of immigrants in Francofonte.

After the break all of the students from the different centres presented their schools, culture and traditions in English, the official language of the project. All of them wore the project T-shirts: red for the Spaniards, green for the Portuguese and blue for the Italians.

Finally the Erasmus+ teachers, with the collaboration of the Art teacher, designed an activity related to the topic of immigration.



Our first day of activities comes to an end and a group photo will be a good memory of this wonderful day.




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